Tab Referral Code Nov 2021: Daily Specials & Exclusives

Local bookmakers are also fun to wager because they specialize in sports typical for the player base. This is precisely the case with TAB in Australia. Let’s see what you get by entering the Tab Registration Code upon registration.

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Please note Tab referral and Tab promo code are not the same and both do not grant any additional offers

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 Tab Referral Code: Daily Specials & Competitive Odds

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Disclaimer: The daily specials, referral codes, and registration links are not aimed at players from the NSW region, in tune with the new NSW regulations. The NSW players are not eligible for the same.

Please note Tab referral and Tab promo code are not the same and both do not grant any additional offers

Opening your TAB Account in 5 Simple Steps 

Here is the exact process of creating your account at TAB. We will highlight all 4 steps of the procedure and will tell you which are the tricky parts. Without registering, you not only aren’t allowed to bet, but you can’t even see the available promotions.

  1. First, you have to let TAB know where you are located. This is imperative because you cannot play outside of Australia. Furthermore, once you confirm your location, you will be able to enjoy specific promotions for that area.
  2. Next, you will be asked for your personal info. Needless to say, you aren’t supposed to provide any false details here. You will also need to submit the following: Username.
  3. This is where you will be prompted to make your first deposit.
  4. Enter the Tab Referral Code. Please note Tab referral and Tab promo code are not the same and both do not grant any additional offers
  5. The final step is all about your account confirmation. You may opt to submit an ID card right now or do it within 13 days. If you fail to do so, your account will be suspended. Also, unless you verify your account, you cannot withdraw any funds from it.

Exclusivities Upon Registration

Here, is a list of some offers that exist on Tab and you will be able to get and see after your registration. Take a look of the offers on Tab’s site and enter the Tab Registration Code to get them. Please note Tab referral and Tab promo code are not the same and both do not grant any additional offers

FAQ: What Players Need to Know 

Q: Is there a limit on the amount of money I can bet on a single market?

A: Yes, the limits are determined by the profile of the sport and the event.

Q: Can I withdraw money at any time?

A: After you verify your account, yes. Withdrawals aren’t allowed before that happens

Q: Can I bet from Britain?

A: No, you cannot. TAB is available only to players located in Australia.

Q: Can I close my bets early?

A: While there generally is a cash-out option, it is not regularly available. During certain times (penalty, red card, a goal scored) this option will be suspended.

Q: Is there a TAB promo code I could use?

No, Please note Tab referral and Tab promo code are not the same and both do not grant any additional offers

Review of the TAB Australia Markets & Products – The Pros & Cons 

Now we will outline the 3 main aspects according to which we grade a platform.

Ergonomy: Efficient but Nothing Innovative Here 

The overall look of the TAB AU site isn’t mind-blowing. It is an attractive website, but when it comes to efficiency, this definitely isn’t the best platform. But let’s start with the positives. Right away, you can see the top events which are currently available. This isn’t groundbreaking as most bookmakers operate the same way. If you don’t like what you see, though, and want to wager on something else instead, you will need to find the event manually. With TAB, you don’t have a panel with all the sports listed. You have to find the list first. This is achieved by clicking on Menu, then Sports and then you can select the sport you wish to see.  You have to keep searching for the league and the event you want to bet on.

Getting to your account details is also something that requires one too many clicks. Again, you will need to go through a couple of dropdown menus before actually being able to see any of the following:

  • Betting history
  • Deposit and withdrawals history
  • Personal info
  • Wagering limits

But hey, it’s not all negative. In reality, TAB has quite a few useful sections on its website. For instance, the “Results” tab is something you don’t see very often. Most sportsbooks around the world do not allow users to see the outcome of events after they’ve been played out. TAB does it, and it is a lovely addition. Any player can quickly log in and check the settlement of markets that they haven’t really bet on. But it has to be kept in mind that these results are gone after a little while and no log is kept for them. Players cannot just go back and see past events if too much time has passed.

Games: Horse Racing is Their Specialty 

It has to be said right away that TAB specializes in sports betting only. There are no other games, such as due to compliance

  • Bingo
  • Casino
  • Poker
  • Slots

However, the sportsbook specializes heavily in two major competitions:

  1. Football
  2. Racing

Football: Betting on football is fun at TAB but only if you are a fan of the Australian football league or the top European leagues. If you are looking to get markets for some obscure football championships, you will be disappointed.

Rugby: Australians are big in Rugby. Plenty of people bet that sport, and this is why TAB also carries a few promotions related to Rugby too. It’s worth giving it a look

Racing: It is really one of the staples of TAB. This is why they got 3 of the major race types at their sportsbook. We are talking about:

  • Greyhound racing
  • Horse racing
  • Harness

The last one is typical for Australia, and people outside of the continent rarely bet it. However, TAB has all the high-profile harness races, so local players swarm those events vigorously. When it comes to horse racing, obviously the Australian meetings are the most popular ones. Not only that you can bet horse racing, but you can also have a variety of markets to choose from. Now you see full well how well-developed the racing section of TAB is. Bear in mind that the offer for greyhounds and harness isn’t as abundant as it is for horse racing. Remember to enter the Tab Registration Code upon registration. Please note Tab referral and Tab promo code are not the same and both do not grant any additional offers

Odds: Pretty Good 

Depending on the sport you want to bet, you will get both good and bad odds. For instance, Australian horse racing events are the bread and butter of TAB. You can’t expect the bookie to slip and have prices higher than the average market value. Local bookies in general stay on top of the product there are most familiar with. In our case, this is the AFL and racing. But when TAB offers some NFL or NBA matches, there’s a good chance that they might be slow to react to some line movements leaving a window of opportunity for players to wager on higher prices. So yes, odds are worth mentioning because players might be able to take advantage on rare occasions by entering the Tab Registration Code. Odds are displayed only as decimals on TAB’s site. Please note Tab referral and Tab promo code are not the same and both do not grant any additional offers

Banking possibilities at TAB: Not a Lot of Options But Totally Reliable 

The banking options at TAB won’t blow you off your socks, but you still have some reliable ways of depositing and withdrawing money.

Depositing: There are 4 primary methods to deposit funds into your TAB account. You don’t have the option to use a direct bank transfer, though. You will need to settle for any of the following.

  1. BPay – every ATM supports it
  2. E-wallets – obviously you need a phone or a computer
  3. Credit/Debit cards – just fill out the form, and you are ready to go
  4. Money Order at a TAB retail outlet – the physical and old-fashioned way of doing things. It’s still pretty popular among some fellas.

Withdrawing: A big knock on TAB is the fact that players cannot withdraw directly to their debit or credit card. You either need to use an E-wallet or go to the window.

  1. E-wallets – will take about 2-3 days to process
  2. Retail outlets – processed immediately
  3. Cheque – will require a trip to the bank

Customer Support Quality: Not That Fast

It’s a midway excellent customer service that you will experience once you start playing at TAB. It’s best if you called them on the phone because that would prompt the quickest reaction by them. TAB doesn’t have a chat function, but you can contact them on Twitter and ask them a question. Needless to say, email is the 3rd option, and many people go for it. It is the slowest form of communication, but it is excellent for non-urgent matters.

Mobile Optimization & Responsiveness: Smooth With A Cool Interface 

There are a couple of things worth mentioning here. You can also live stream sports and can listen to the radio from the racing track as a race goes down. Both functions are supported by the mobile app as well as the mobile version of the site. The app can be downloaded from TAB’s website, and it is available for iOS and Android.

Final Thoughts on TAB: Definitely Recommended

We can quickly summarize the strengths and weaknesses of TAB in a couple of lines:


  • Extensive offer on horse racing
  • Players can view results of past events
  • The “Next to start” section


  • Customer support doesn’t have a chat
  • The banking options are underwhelming
  • The website’s interface can be more user-friendly

Top 3 Alternatives on Tab 


This bookie specializes in point spread betting only. They claim to be the first ones to have brought this type of markets to Australia. PointsBet also specializes in racing and the truth is that really has great odds. Although, the exclusivities you get to have upon registration are not that much in comparison to what other operators have to offer. You can take advantage of the spread betting which is completely different to fixed odds betting as your potential losses or winnings are not fixed but they vary until the end of the game.


This operator might be new but it is pretty impressive. The sportsbook is probably one of the best in Australia, you can bet on local football leagues for over 47 countries, The interface is very user-friendly, and the way markets and odds are displayed makes it even easier to play. Really smooth. As an Australian operator, Neds definitely specializes also on horse racing. The racing menu is highly intuitive and you can bet even overseas. The horse racing markets include Hong Kong, the United States, and even India. Although, you should know that you cant’ view all the available odds for a fixture at once and there is no live online betting due to Australian Law. You can get phone betting on a relatively small range of events


One of the most known operators worldwide. Betfair is exceptional and one of the best in what it does. It is not a traditional Australian bookmaker but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a try. You can actually find the biggest odds and a lot of exclusivities. The platform is innovative, so the interface, the way it works is pretty advanced. Although, the platform is more recommended for experienced punters since it might get a bit overwhelming for those who are new.

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